Marion County National Register Listings

Barkley, Levi, House, Hannibal vicinity (3/02/84)

Broadway District (Hannibal Central Business District MRAmap), roughly bounded by South Main, Broadway and South Third streets, Hannibal (8/01/86)

Buildings at 207-209 S. Main Street (Hannibal Central Business District MRA; map), 207-209 S. Main St., Hannibal (8/01/86)

Central Park Historic District, roughly bounded by Fourth, Seventh, North and Lyon streets, Hannibal (10/07/82)

Clemens Field, 401 Collier, Hannibal (8/26/08)

Culbertson-Head Farmstead, 7178 County Road 402, Palmyra (9/04/08)

Davidson Building (Hannibal Central Business District MRA; map), 106 S. Main St., Hannibal (8/01/86)

Digel Block (Hannibal Central Business District MRA; map), 218-222 S. Main St., Hannibal (8/01/86)

Dryden-Louthan House, 402 E. Ross, Palmyra (1/18/85)

Ebert-Dulany House, 1000 Center St., Hannibal (2/17/83)

Eighth and Center Streets Baptist Church, 722 Center St., Hannibal (9/04/80)

Elliott's, Robert, Wholesale Grocery (Hannibal Central Business District MRA; map), 116-120 S. Third St., Hannibal (8/01/86)

Federal Building (U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, Naval Reserve Center), 600 Broadway, Hannibal (10/15/80)

Gardner House, 421 Hamilton and Main streets, Palmyra (3/04/71)

Green Double House (Hannibal Central Business District MRA; map), 113-115 S. Third St., Hannibal (8/01/86)

Hafner Grocery Warehouse (Hannibal Central Business District MRA), 101 E. Church St., Hannibal (8/01/86)

Hannibal Lime Company Office, 623 Collier St., Hannibal (9/06/84)

Hannibal Old Police Station and Jail (City Hall), Fourth and Church streets, Hannibal (7/17/79)

Hendren Farm (Andalusia), off US 61, Hannibal vicinity (8/22/84)

Hock Building (Hannibal Central Business District MRA; map), 312 Center St., Hannibal (12/02/86)

Holmes-Dakin Building (Hannibal Central Business District MRA; map), 120-122 S. Main St., Hannibal (8/01/86)

Horr, Benjamin, House (Hannibal Central Business District MRA; map), 308 Central St., Hannibal (12/02/86)

Maple Avenue Historic District (map), roughly bounded by Broadway and Center St., Alley to North St., Dulany to Section, Hannibal (11/21/02)

Marion County Courthouse, 906 Broadway, Hannibal (10/22/02)

Marion County Jail and Jailor's House, 210 W. Lafayette St., Palmyra (10/04/02)

Mark Twain Historic District, bounded by Bird, Main and Hill streets, U.S. 36, and Mississippi River, Hannibal (1/04/78)

Mark Twain Hotel (Hannibal Central Business District MRA; map), 200 S. Main St., Hannibal (8/01/86)

Masterson, Robert, House, northwest of Hannibal vicinity (4/05/84)

North Main Street Historic District (Hannibal Central Business District MRA; map), roughly bounded by Bird, North Main and Hill streets, Hannibal (8/01/86)

Osterhout Mound Park, Wauneta Place, Hannibal (4/11/73)

Riverview Park, 2000 Harrison Hill, Hannibal (9/06/05)

Rockcliffe Mansion, 1000 Bird St., Hannibal (9/18/80)

St. Elizabeth Hospital, 109 Virginia St., Hannibal (8/14/12)

Sharkey Mound Group, address restricted (12/18/73)

Sowers, Peter J., House, 221 Home St., Palmyra (1/18/85)

Speigle House, 406 S. Dickerson, Palmyra (2/14/85)

Standard Printing Co. (Hannibal Central Business District MRA; map), 210 N. Third St., Hannibal (8/01/86)

Twain, Mark, Boyhood Home, 206-208 Hill St., Hannibal (10/15/66; NHL 12/29/62)

Walker-Woodward-Schaffer House (Jane Darwell Birthplace), 1425 S. Main St., Palmyra (2/16/84)

Wilson, Ephriam J., Farm Complex, east of Palmyra off MO 168 (12/28/82)

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