Employment Opportunities

a naturalist showing a small child something in her handFull-Time Employment


All employees in the state park system are hired through the Missouri Merit System. Candidates must be on the merit register for any position they would like to be considered for.

How to Apply 

 Information on how to apply for a position can be found on the State of Missouri's Office of Administration website.

Position Descriptions

The state park system typically has openings in the following classifications:

Office Support Assistant

Senior Office Support Assistant

Interpretive Resources Technician

Park/Historic Site Specialist I, II, III

Park Ranger

Maintenance Worker II (Park/Historic Sites)

Building Construction Worker I, II

Natural Resource Manager

Park Operations and Planning Specialist I, II

Park Operations and Planning Coordinator

New College Graduates

New college graduates may apply for these entry-level positions:

When there is an opening anywhere in the Missouri state park system, only applicants that are on the register for a position can be considered for an interview.a park employee and a young seasonal employee building a wooden fence

Seasonal Employment

Temporary seasonal positions in state parks and historic sites assist the full-time staff in the daily operation of the facility by performing a variety of maintenance and public information duties.


Applicants must be at least 16 years of age, unless otherwise noted, and live within commuting distance of a state park or historic site. All positions have considerable public contact, and applicants must be able to use diplomacy and tact.


Hourly salary rates are based upon local job markets. Availability of positions will depend upon the budget established for each individual facility and/or project. Some positions also have housing available.


Temporary seasonal laborers duties may include construction, maintenance and repair, landscaping, groundskeeping, refuse collection, cleaning, collecting fees and clerical duties.

Seasonal naturalists and interpreters are responsible for planning and implementing activities and programs for the interest, enjoyment, and appreciation of park visitors, and for the protection and enhancement of natural, historical and cultural park resources. Applicants should be completing their freshman year of college majoring in the fields of cultural history, natural history or recreation, or should be individuals who have completed degree requirements.

Seasonal tour guides assist the full-time staff in supplying information to the public by conducting guided tours, giving out natural and historical information and answering questions. Qualifications include some knowledge of state parks and historic sites in Missouri, the ability to speak clearly and distinctly while giving information to the public, and the ability to meet the public with poise and tact.

Work Period

May through August - Some facilities differ slightly in employment periods.

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted year-round at the parks and historic sites. Those wishing to work during the May through August time period should send applications late winter to early spring for best chances of receiving an interview.

How to Apply for Seasonal Naturalist or Interpreter Employment
  1. For a seasonal job as a naturalist or an interpreter, please read the information in the Seasonal Interpreter-Park Naturalist or Historic Site Interpreter Work Opportunities in Missouri State Parks document and check out the current seasonal employment opportunities listed here.
  2. Fill out the Interpretive Seasonal Work Placement Application and the Temporary Seasonal Employment Application.
  3. Send both documents directly to parks and historic sites of your choosing.
  4. For general seasonal naturalist or interpreter employment questions, contact Kendra Swee at 800-334-6946 or by e-mail

For all other positions, you may call or visit the state park or historic site where you are interested in working and request an application.