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Jefferson County National Register Listings

Beaumont-Tyson Quarry District, address restricted (10/10/74)

Boemler Archaeological District, address restricted (10/01/74)

Boland Archaeological District, address restricted (10/01/74)

Central School Campus, 221 S. Third St., De Soto (10/08/09)

Fletcher, Thomas C., House, Elm Street between First and Second streets, Hillsboro (11/19/74)

Greystone-Meissner, Gustave, House, northeast of Pevely off U.S. 61/67 (12/31/74); additional information (3/11/85)

Kimmswick Bone Bed, northwest of Imperial, Kimmswick vicinity (11/05/80)

Kimmswick Historic District (map), roughly bounded by Front Street, Fourth Street, Mill Street, Elm Street and Oak Street, Kimmswick (7/24/07)

Leight, Valentine, General Store, 4566 Main St., House Springs (8/18/92)

Moder Archaeological District, address restricted (10/16/74)

Rozier, Louis J. and Harriet, House, 322 W. Clement, De Soto (4/05/06)

Sandy Creek Covered Bridge, 5 miles north of Hillsboro off U.S. 21 (7/08/70)

Stonebrook, 3511 Stonebrook Forest, Antonia vicinity (1/14/11)

Waggener Dairy Barn, 1700 Boyce Lane, Festus vicinity (2/24/2022)

Windsor Harbor Road Bridge, Windsor Harbor Road at Rock Creek, Kimmswick (9/08/83)

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