Newton County National Register Listings

Bonnie & Clyde Garage Apartment, 3347 1/2 Oak Ridge Drive, Joplin (5/15/09)

First Battle of Newtonia Historic District, junction of MO 86 and MO O, Newtonia vicinity (12/23/04)

George Washington Carver National Monument, 3 miles south of Diamond (10/15/66)

Jolly Mill, southwest of Pierce City (10/13/83)

Lentz-Carter Merchandise Store, 744 Ozark St., Stella (8/19/08)

Neosho Colored School, 639 Young St., Neosho (4/17/17)

Neosho Commercial Historic District (Historic Resources of Neosho, Newton County, Missouri MPDF), along sections of Main, Spring, Washington and Wood streets, Neosho (8/12/93)

Neosho Commercial Historic District (Boundary Increase; Historic Resources of Neosho, Newton County, Missouri MPDF) 114, 116, 118-120, 120 and 124-126 S. Wood St., Neosho (4/18/07)

Neosho High School (Historic Resources of Neosho, Newton County, Missouri MPDF) W. McCord and North Wood streets, Neosho (8/30/02)

Neosho Wholesale Grocery Company (Historic Resources of Neosho, Newton County, Missouri MPDF), 224 N. Washington St., Neosho (4/16/13)

Ritchey, Mathew H., House, Mill Street, Newtonia (12/05/78)

Second Baptist Church, 430 W. Grant St., Neosho (1/4/96)

Second Battle of Newtonia Site, roughly an area northwest, southwest and southeast of junction of MO 86 and Route O at Newtonia and Newtonia vicinity (12/23/04)

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