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Accessibility Information

at Montauk State Park

Accessible SymbolThis symbol indicates that the specified area is fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

Park Office

The park office is located in the Searcy Building just across from the lodge. One paved accessible parking space is offered and pathways lead to the porch. There, an information board is available for your convenience. Modifications to the office have not yet been made, and some visitors may need assistance when entering the office.

Accessible SymbolLodging

Accessible SymbolLodge/Motel 

Montauk's lodge welcomes you with accessible parking spaces and wide doorways. Inside are a store, a coffee bar, a social area and restaurant. An accessible water fountain and restrooms are available. Two motel units have been constructed to be accessible to all users. 

Accessible SymbolCabins 

Duplex Cabin 11/12 has been modified to be accessible to most users. One side of the duplex has level parking and a patio. The other side has a 5.8% sloped pathway from parking to the patio. Inside, you'll find ample room and accessible bathrooms. 

Four-plex room 26 is accessible. It is two bedrooms with a kitchen and living room, including a fireplace.

Picnic Areas

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Shelter Day-Use Area

This area has not been modified for accessibility. However, just off the restroom parking lot, beneath a high bluff, is a picnic site modified with a pathway and an extended-end table. An accessible parking space is adjacent to the pathway. This pretty spot overlooks the river.

Accessible SymbolPlayground

An accessible playground is available just across from the CCC shelter area restroom, where accessible parking is offered for your convenience.

Accessible SymbolOpen Shelter Day-Use Area 

This lightly wooded area contains accessible parking for two individual picnic sites and a shelter with a group grill and extended-end tables. A flush restroom is immediately adjacent to the shelter, along with a water fountain. These amenities are accessible to all users. The shelter can accommodate up to 70 people and may be reserved.

Historic Mill Building

The mill has not been modified for access due to its historic nature; however, audiotapes of its history and a picture album are available upon request.

Accessible SymbolFishing Access 

  • Starting upstream, the first accessible site is at Montauk Lake. You should stop at the Department of Conservation’s hatchery building to get permission to drive the one-quarter mile to the site. A paved pier extends out into the lake in this 'Catch and Release Only' area. Most of the day, this site would be sunny. The closest accessible restroom and water fountain are located across from the hatchery building.
  • The second site is just across from the CCC shelter area restroom, where accessible parking is offered for your convenience. It consists of a level, concrete landing and is quite popular. The site would be sunny much of the day. This area is for artificial lures and natural bait. The closest accessible restrooms are upstream across from the hatchery building, or downstream at the open shelter day-use area.
  • The third location is at the ever-popular White Oak Hole. Here, three accessible parking spaces are offered adjacent to a pathway leading down to a level landing. This area allows artificial lures and natural bait. Some users may need assistance negotiating the corners. 
    Across the parking lot from this access is a sunny picnic site with a pathway, an extended-end table and a pedestal grill. The closest restroom is in the open shelter day-use area.
  • Just behind the open shelter day-use area is a fourth site. At this time, access is by going down a service road marked "Authorized Vehicles Only." License plates or tag verifying a disability must be on your vehicle to access this road. Here, a paved path leads to a level platform just above the dam and spillway. This area is for fly-fishing only. This site will be mostly sunny. An accessible restroom and water fountain are found by the shelter.
  • The last access is in the campground, where a large platform has been constructed. This area is for artificial lures and natural bait. This site is sunny. A concrete path runs from this platform to a nearby campsite, which is accessible. This path follows the treeline and would be a source of shade. A water fountain is available at this site.

Accessible SymbolCampground  

  • The campground is entered by passing the check station, which has drive-up convenience. All sites are in a lightly wooded, level area with one basic and seven electric accessible sites available. One basic and five electric sites are reservable with the rest being first-come, first-served.
  • To the right as you enter the campground is the amphitheater. One accessible parking space is offered with a pathway leading to the program area. Here, amongst the trees, the naturalist gives nature programs.
  • Just past the amphitheater is the electric area showerhouse. This showerhouse is not considered accessible, although some modifications have been made. Two accessible parking spaces are offered; however, the pathway has a 3-foot-long slope of 9.2% and a 6-foot-long slope of 7.2%. The path is 4 feet wide without handrails. Just in front of the entrance doors is a short slope. Inside, toilets are front-transfer. The showers have a seat and grab-bars. The laundry has top-loading washers and is not considered accessible.
  • To the left upon entering the campground is the basic area showerhouse. Here, parking is level with two accessible spaces offered adjacent to a pathway with handrails. Entrance doors have automatic openers and accessible showers are available. Toilets are front-transfer. The laundry is not considered accessible. 
  • The firewood shed does not have modifications, and some users may need assistance. The dump station has been modified to current standards.

For more information, contact the park:

Montauk State Park
345 County Road 6670
Salem, MO 65560-9025
1-800-379-2419 TDD

Last updated: May 2022