General Information

at Current River State Park

Current River State Park is located along the banks of the Current River in Shannon County. The park is on property that was purchased originally by the Alton Box Board Company of Alton, Illinois, in 1937 and used as a corporate retreat.  Most of the buildings on the property were built from 1938-1945.

During its history as a resort, the property was open to employees, clients and vendors of the Alton Boxboard Company. The resort was operated until 1996. The property became Current River State Park in 2008.  Since acquiring the property, Missouri State Parks has begun the process of restoring the historical buildings at the park.

In addition to stunning views of the Current River, visitors to the park can enjoy a hiking trail, two lakes, and picnic sites. Park staff are also available to provide tours of the historic Alton Club Building. Several of the buildings on the property, including the Lake House, Barbeque House and gymnasium are available for group rentals.