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Missouri Cultural Resource Inventory

Located in the Department of Natural Resources' Lewis and Clark State Office Building in Jefferson City, the Cultural Resource Inventory is open to the public and serves both as a comprehensive database for cultural resource management and a valuable research archive.

Consultant research hours are by appointment only Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please contact 573-751-4589 at least two business days prior to the day you wish to review records to ensure the materials you need will be available.

Under the federal mandate 36CFR61.4(B)(1) the “State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) shall maintain an inventory” of historic properties. In addition, “this high priority responsibility entails locating historic and archaeological resources at a level of documentation such that the resources can be evaluated for potential nomination to the National Register of Historic Places and so that the survey data collected can be incorporated into state priorities and planning decisions concerning the area surveyed.” The inventory is useful for a variety of purposes, including any research regarding Section 106 projects.

The Inventory includes:

National Register Files

National Register files contain copies of nomination forms, maps, and photographs for all of Missouri's listed historic properties (buildings, sites, structures, objects and districts). For the protection of some sensitive and endangered sites, notably archeological sites, some information in these files is restricted. All unrestricted nominations have been digitized and are available for download from this website. Hard copies of unrestricted nomination files, including supplemental correspondence and research files, are archived at the Missouri State Archives.

Cultural Resource Management Reports

Cultural resource management reports are created under the auspices of Section 106 Review and Compliance and contain restricted archaeological and/or non-restricted architectural survey data.

Archaeological Surveys and Site Forms

Archaeological surveys and site forms contain restricted data on individual archaeological sites.

Architectural Surveys

Under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, the SHPO is required to maintain surveys to locate architectural resources of high significance. These include an inventory form, photographs, negatives, survey map, correspondence and final report. Surveys may be performed under various auspices, but most are undertaken with federal grant funding or as a part of the mitigation required under Section 106 Review and Compliance. A selection of these surveys is available for download.

Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS)/Historic American Engineering Record (HAER)

Under 106 Review and Compliance, some projects have the potential to significantly impact a cultural resource. In such a case, SHPO staff may draft a MOA to document actions to be taken to mitigate the effects. Part of this process can include the creation of a property history along with drawings and photographs. If these properties are extremely significant, SHPO staff can ask for a Historic American Buildings (HABS) Survey or Historic American Engineering Record documentation and require it be sent to the National Park Service.

Eligibility Assessments

National Register eligibility assessment files contain completed architectural/historic survey or eligibility assessment forms and photographs. This information is submitted by property owners and other interested parties requesting that properties (buildings, sites, structures, objects and districts) be assessed for eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Applying the National Register Criteria of eligibility and integrity, SHPO staff responds with an opinion on the potential for listing the property in the National Register. Copies of staff comments, assessments and correspondence are also included in the files.

County Files

The county files contain eligibility assessments; determinations of eligibility; draft National Register files; scattered mitigation files; city and county maps; information on city and county surveys; general correspondence; city and county histories, and theme files organized under various headings such as agriculture, education, industrial, military, etc.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The SHPO maintains statewide GIS data sets for the following categories of data: archaeological surveys, archaeological sites, National Register sites, National Register districts, National Register archaeological districts, architectural surveys, certified local districts (St. Louis and Kansas City), National Register eligible sites, and the statewide Lewis and Clark inventory. Plans for entering additional categories of data are in the conceptual stage and this is an ongoing process.