Unmarked Human Burials Consultation Committee

The provisions of the Unmarked Human Burial Sites Act (Missouri Revised Statutes, Sections 194.400-410), are administered by the Department of Natural Resources, State Historic Preservation Office.

The purpose of the Consultation Committee chaired by the State Historic Preservation Officer is to advise the Department concerning the respectful treatment and appropriate reburial of human remains (except those taking place in cemeteries as defined under Chapter 214) when it is not possible to leave them in their original location. According to the provisions of Section 194.410, any person or entity who knowingly disturbs, destroys, vandalizes or damages a marked or unmarked human burial site commits a class E felony.

By statute the six citizen members of the Consultation Committee are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate for three-year terms. The committee consists of two members who are archaeologists or skeletal analysts; two American Indians who are members of an Indian tribe recognized by the United States of America; one member who is a non-Indian minority; and one non-Indian, non-minority member who is neither a professional archaeologist nor a skeletal analyst.

All meetings of the Unmarked Human Burials Consultation Committee are open to the public.

For information about meetings or to provide information to members of the Consultation Committee, please call 573-751-7858 or email.

Persons with disabilities requiring special services or accommodations to attend a meeting can make arrangements by calling the Department of Natural Resources at 800-334-6946. Persons also may write the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, State Historic Preservation Office, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102.