Accessibility Information

at Deutschheim State Historic Site

Site Office/Gift Shop

The site office is located at the top of a steep set of railed steps. Two more railed steps lead to the door. Parking is parallel on the street with a curb cut at the corner of Market and Second streets. Inside is a roomy foyer with an accessible restroom directly ahead. The site office/gift shop is to your left, where you’ll find books on history of the area and German customs, springerle molds, recipe books, mementos, and German import items. This is also the location to meet for the site tours. To request special accommodations for accessibility, please call ahead to make arrangements.

The Strehly House

A mostly level sidewalk leads to the historic Strehly House. Some slabs are tilted and may be a barrier to some visitors. The entrance into the breezeway has two steps and is only 27 inches wide. The brickwork is uneven and thresholds are up a step. The doorway into the house is 34 inches wide. Inside, there is plenty of room, with beveled thresholds between the rooms. The winery has a 38-inch doorway, which opens onto a room with a wonderful array of exhibits. A series of steep steps, with a head clearance of 5 feet, 4 inches, leads to the backyard. Alternatively, the backyard can be accessed from the alley and then over the grass yard.  

The Pommer-Gentner House

Railed steps lead up to a brick path to the charming, yet useful back garden. The garden has a stepping stone path, which leads to the back door of the historic Pommer-Gentner House. Another set of railed steps lead down into a brick patio area. A wide entrance opens into the kitchen. The kitchen/living room doorway has a 2-inch threshold. The rest of this floor has maneuvering room.

For more information, contact the historic site:

Deutschheim State Historic Site
109 W. Second St.
Hermann, MO 65041-1045
1-800-379-2419 TDD

Last updated: February 2017