Meeting Rooms

at Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park

Two meeting rooms, located inside the park’s visitor center can be rented for educational purposes.

The Gallery has a capacity of 50 people and can be rented for $75 per day. The room is equipped with tables and chairs.

The Owls Eye Theater is an auditorium with a capacity of 82 people with chairs only. Chairs cannot be moved around and must stay in the original theater-style setup. The auditorium includes 82 chairs, a podium, stage, large built in screen, and an audio/visual room. There is also a LCD projector that can be used for video, DVD or computer presentations. The rental fee is $100 per day.

Your group leader should visit the park to see if these rooms will adequately accommodate your group. If you have any questions, call 636-458-3813.