Interpretive Programs

at Montauk State Park

kids looking at animal pelts

A variety of interpretive programs are held from March through October with subjects ranging from wildflowers and birds to the history of the area. These free programs may include guided nature walks, night hikes to listen to nature sounds, live animal demonstrations, nature games, nature crafts and hummingbird banding. A camping trip would not be complete without attending an evening program in the campground’s amphitheater. Interpretive tours of Montauk Mill showcase the community that once thrived in the Montauk valley.

Program schedules are posted on bulletin boards in the campground, picnic areas, the lodge, mill and naturalist’s office. Programs are one hour or less (unless otherwise noted), free of hand holding a hummingirdcharge and do not require reservations. Parents should accompany children to programs.

During the winter season, the park naturalist provides programs for civic groups in the surrounding communities and assists school teachers with science and natural history lessons.

Hummingbird Banding

Most of what is known about hummingbird migrations is from master bird banders who band and later recapture birds using specially designed traps. Birds are carefully measured, weighed, and fitted with a tiny lightweight band around their leg before being released unharmed. These events take place in front of the lodge at the Hummingbird Garden planted with native wildflowers that attract hummingbirds.