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First Day Hike

1/1/2020 | Meramec State Park | Sullivan, MO

"From Path to Path" – As we wander through life, our path changes beneath our feet. This First Day Hike will follow several paths, as we will start out on the Deer Hollow Trail near Fisher Cave, hike up to the Bluff View Trail by the historic CCC dining lodge, go down to the River Trail, and then head up through the campground. We will explore woodlands, forest, river bottoms and bluffs. We might stop to visit an old, weathered survivor, one who has experienced many moments through time …. a burr oak that is more than 300 years old!

We will meet at noon in front of the visitor center to use the restrooms then drive to down to the Fisher Cave parking lot. Please wear sturdy hiking shoes. Bring snacks, water and binoculars for this moderately challenging 3-mile hike. All should take about 2 hours, 30 minutes to complete. Please call if necessary due to bad weather affecting road conditions.

Hike Time: Noon - 2:30 p.m. | Meeting Location: Visitor Center

First Day Hikes are promoted by America’s State Parks. Click here to view more First Day Hikes at Missouri State Parks.

115 Meramec Park Drive, Sullivan, MO | 573-468-6072

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