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Accessibility Information

at Stockton State Park

Accessible SymbolThis symbol indicates that the specified area is fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

Accessible SymbolPark Office

The park office is accessible to all visitors with an accessible parking space adjacent to the entrance. Upon entering, you will find a lobby with an information rack and helpful staff. An accessible restroom is available. Outside, a kiosk houses park information.

Picnic Areas

Accessible SymbolNorth Picnic Area

This scenic picnic area was designed for everyone to enjoy. Located on a bluff overlooking the lake is a shelter with two accessible parking spaces. An adjacent pathway leads past a water fountain to the shelter, where you will find group grills, electrical outlets and extended-end picnic tables. The view is breathtaking. This shelter accommodates up to 100 people and can be reserved.

Also in the area are three accessible individual picnic sites, all of which have an accessible parking space, pathway, extended-end table and pedestal grill. An accessible vault toilet is centrally located and a second water fountain is found at the far end of the area.

South Day-Use Area

This mostly sunny area has a great view of the lake. Paved parking is an average 5.8% slope and the path leading to the shelter is an average 8.5% slope. This shelter is not considered accessible; but it does contain two extended-end tables. The shelter accommodates up to 50 people and has two group grills. The most limiting barrier is the vault toilet, which has not been modified. The closest accessible restroom would be in the campground.

Other Picnic Areas

Two other picnic areas are located along the main road. They have not been modified for accessibility.

Beach Area

Although the parking area is level, the beach is not accessible due to the long, steep pathway leading down to the sand. There are two accessible parking spaces.

Hartley Boat Launch

Due to excessive lake fluctuations, this area has not been modified for accessibility. The launch area has a mostly-level, paved parking lot with a boat launch having a slope of 8.8%. The loading area has a slope of 3.8%. The courtesy dock is a moveable structure located on the natural bank. There is an accessible vault toilet and two accessible parking spots.

Two picnic sites are found in this area. One has a fine gravel path off the road and an extended-end picnic table. Both have pedestal grills.

Marina Area

The marina store is located down a paved path with an average 10.1% slope to the dock, which rises or lowers depending on the lake level. The marina dock itself is not accessible at this time. There are two accessible parking spaces.

The two-lane boat launch has a 13% slope with a loading dock that has a 1-foot step. The courtesy dock nearby has a paved path with a 11.6% slope. Trailer parking spaces are an average 5% slope.

For those wishing to watch the lake activity or just enjoy the view, an accessible parking space is available and an accessible kiosk with benches is nearby. The vault toilet in the area has not been modified to be accessible.

Snak Shack

The restaurant is located at the marina. The paved path to the marina has an average 10.1% slope to the dock.

Accessible SymbolLodging

One duplex unit was constructed to be accessible, including the kitchenette. Outside is a patio with an extended-end table, pedestal grill and a fire ring. Cabin #11 has been modified to be accessible. Two of the camper cabins, #8 and #9, are also accessible.

Accessible SymbolCampground

This lightly wooded area is divided into east and west sides. Four electric and one basic sites have been constructed to be accessible. Water hydrants scattered through the campground have paved pathways.

Campground Showerhouses

The east side showerhouse has two accessible parking spaces with a continuous pathway past a water fountain to the entrance. The restroom and shower entrance doors have a 4-foot diameter area in front. Inside, the lavatories are push-button operated and the toilet is a side-transfer. The showers have a changing area and a grab bar. Outside, a shady kiosk makes a nice waiting area.

The west side showerhouse has two accessible spaces. One is level, and one has a 5% slope perpendicular to parking. Inside is plenty of room and accessible lavatories. The toilet is a side-transfer and the shower is push button with bench seating. An accessible vault toilet is found at the far end of this loop.

The campground amphitheater is located down a hillside and is not accessible.

For more information, contact the park:

Stockton State Park
19100 S. Highway 215
Dadeville, MO 65635
800-379-2419 TDD

Last updated: May 2022