Glamp Pin Oak

at Lake of the Ozarks State Park

Girl in a kayak on the lakeFriday, Oct. 20 - Sunday, Oct. 22, 2023

Have you missed going to summer camp since your girlhood days? Or perhaps you’ve always heard how awesome camp is but have never had the chance to go. If you are an adult woman and you want to have a magical camp experience for the first or even 14th time, then Glamp Pin Oak is for you! Combining “glam” and “camp,” Glamp Pin Oak is a unique opportunity for women to experience the outdoors and learn to be safe, confident and comfortable in an outdoor environment. All sessions are taught by women and created for women and provide the opportunity to learn by doing. 

Camp Activities:

A girl making a craftHiking 101 and Smartphone Apps (Moderate*)

Looking for some tips and tricks for hitting the trails? During this session, participants will learn all about free smartphone apps that can give them a leg up when out on the trail. Have you ever wondered what bird you heard or what plant you just spotted along the trail, or maybe how far you hiked? If you have, then this is the session for you. There will also be an opportunity to ask about hiking gear and safety.

Outdoor DIY Hacks (Low*)

Learn how you can enhance your next outdoor experience at this DIY outdoor hacks class. Participants will make items that can help them overcome and avoid obstacles that may be encountered in the outdoors.

Kayaking (Moderate/High*)

Learn the basics of flat-water kayaking, including areas such as equipment, entry and exit, strokes, safety, water, and wind. By the end of the class, you’ll feel more comfortable on the water, better understand the safety risks around you, and have more fun! Participants will have time to practice and explore.

Fire Starting (Low*)

Do you have questions about all things fire? Do the historical and practical uses of fire spark your interest? Join us for a program that will explore these topics while providing hands-on practice. Learn how to make a spark using flint and steel, what types of tinder and kindling work best, how to build an effective log structure, and more! Participants will leave with the knowledge and confidence to safely build, control and put out campfires.

Optional Activities:

Early-Morning Birding 101 (Low/Moderate*)

Experience the basics of birding through base ID, using binoculars, bird sounds and smartphone apps.

Tie-Dye (Low*)

Tie-dyeing is a method of dyeing by hand in which colored patterns are produced in the fabric by gathering together many small portions of material and tying them tightly with string before immersing the cloth in the dye bath. Each participant will receive one item to tie-dye and will also be permitted to bring one item from home to also tie-dye during the session. It is recommended that you bring a white T-shirt or other cotton blend item for this activity.


Glamp Pin Oak will take place at the historic Camp Pin Oak at Lake of the Ozarks State Park. Built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, Camp Pin Oak has been the site for generations of gatherings by nonprofit youth groups such as Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Campfire sing-alongs, new friends and outdoor adventures have made the camp a lasting memory for youth of all ages. Directions and a map will be sent with the confirmation packet. 


Glamp Pin Oak offers participants the chance to sleep in a four-person rustic screened cabin. Participants sleeping in the rustic cabins will have single beds, mattresses, and storage for personal belongings. Please note that the rustic screened cabins do not offer heating or air conditioning. If you are attending Glamp Pin Oak with a friend, just let us know. Our online registration form includes a field for cabin mate requests. We will do our best to accommodate your request.  

*If you are registering with fewer than four people in your group, there is a chance that you will share a cabin with someone not in your group. 

Showers and restrooms are available on-site.  

Cabin on ridge with lake in the background and trees surrounding

Age Requirements

Participants must be 21 years or older.


Glamp Pin Oak registration includes four meals, snacks, beverages, lodging, activities, commemorative items, and an unforgettable weekend at Lake of the Ozarks State Park. 

Register here

To register, click the link above and enter "GLAMP" in the "Search Text" box.

Registration with rustic cabin accommodation ……….. $90 per person

Non-Transferrable Registrations

Glamp Pin Oak registrations are non-transferrable to any other person(s) for any reason at any time. If a cancellation is necessary, please follow the refund procedures.


Written cancellations emailed by Oct. 2, 2023, will receive a refund, minus a $25 cancellation fee. No refunds, for any reason, will be made for cancellations or no-shows occurring after Oct. 2, 2023. Cancellations can be sent via email to

Confirmation Packet

Glamp Pin Oak participants will receive a confirmation email after registration has been completed (please allow five days for processing). The confirmation email will include a detailed agenda; special instructions (including what to pack and what to expect); and a map/directions to Glamp Pin Oak, Lake of the Ozarks State Park.

Program Changes

Organizers reserve the right to cancel, reschedule or relocate any proposed offering without prior notice. Insufficient enrollment and emergency cancellation by the instructor are examples of why a program offering could be canceled. Organizers also reserve the right to substitute instructors if necessary.

*Physical Activity Guide

Please be advised that Glamp Pin Oak is an outdoor and active weekend. Participants will be walking on tread surfaces that, at times, contain roots, embedded rocks and have minimal elevation change. Additionally, you will park your car away from camp activities, and it will remain parked for the event. 

To help participants anticipate each course and know what physical levels to expect of each class, a physical activity rating system has been created. Listed in the class description you will find a physical level rating for each course.

  • Low: requires minimal physical skill/endurance. Example: lecture-based and hands-on activities in a classroom setting.
  • Moderate: requires moderate physical skill/endurance. Example: lecture-based and hands-on activities while standing and short walks.
  • High: requires high levels of skill/endurance. Example: lecture-based and hands-on activities while standing, hiking, lifting and full-body movement.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Young with Missouri State Parks at 573-751-9264 or