Hiring Process

Step 1:

Qualified applicants complete and submit a Missouri Merit System Application.

Step 2:

Applicants are given a score based on their education and experience and placed on the park ranger or park ranger recruit register.

Step 3:

When a vacancy exists, the Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) Human Resources Program requests a certificate of eligible candidates from the Office of Administration Personnel Division.

Step 4:

Letters of interest are sent to eligible candidates notifying them of the position vacancy and how to schedule an appointment for the physical agility test.

Step 5:

Schedule applicants for physical agility test. (Additional Information)

Step 6:

Conduct physical agility test. All applicants must sign a waiver of liability releasing DNR and its employees from any liability if an applicant is injured while performing the agility test.

Step 7:

Upon successful completion of agility test, applicants will be scheduled for an oral interview to be held the following day.

Step 8:

Oral interviews are conducted and all applicants are rated and ranked from the top to the bottom. Applicants complete a personal history questionnaire and an authorization for release of information form to be used in the background investigation.

Step 9:

Extensive background investigations are conducted on the top two candidates.

Step 10:

Select the top candidate, complete the hiring justification and send through channels for approval.

Step 11:

Send a letter of a conditional offer of employment to the top candidate explaining that the candidate must successfully pass medical and psychological examinations. The letter will give the dates, times and locations for these examinations.

Step 12:

Applicant completes a medical history questionnaire and takes to the medical exam.

Step 13:

If applicant successfully completes the medical and psychological exam, the applicant is notified and given a starting date to begin employment with the Missouri State Park Rangers.