Special Events

at Katy Trail State Park

A variety of special events are held on the Katy Trail throughout the year. This calendar of events will be updated when new special event permits are issued.

All groups or organizations desiring to use Katy Trail State Park for a special event activity must obtain a special event permit from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. E-mail or call 800-334-6946 to speak with staff at the Katy Trail State Park office located in Rock Bridge Memorial State Park for information on how to obtain a special event permit.



Nov. 23

Thanksgiving Day Pie Run
Location: North Jefferson City Pavilion, start and finish, enter Katy Trail State Park at MP 143.7, exit at North Jefferson Trailhead MP 143.2, return to Pavilion
Sponsor: Jefferson City Road Runners Club
Contact: John Weghorst, johnweg@ktis.net
Number of Attendees: 1,000


Dec. 2

Cheese & Sauerkraut 10-Miler
Location: McBaine trailhead MP 169.5, start and finish
Sponsor: Columbia Track Club
Contact: Richard Hessler, hesslerr@missouri.edu
Number of Attendees: 60