Camp Clover Point

at Lake of the Ozarks State Park

Camp Clover Point includes a dining hall with a kitchen, sleeping barracks with modern restrooms and showers, a recreation hall, volleyball and basketball playcourts and a waterfront. Camp capacity is 170 people, with a minimum of 75.

The kitchen includes the following: commercial cooler, chest freezer, refrigerator, commercial stove, convection oven, commercial dishwasher, coffee pot, commercial mixer, pots and pans, mixing bowls, skillets, sheet pans, cake pans, stock pots, plates, bowls, water glasses, pitchers, serving bowls, coffee cups and utensils.

  # of Rooms Sleeping Capacity Restroom Facilities
Central Camp Area      
Dining Lodge and Kitchen 2 -- 1 toilet; 1 lavatory; hot water
Recreation Building 3 -- 2 toilets; 2 lavatories
Craft House 2 -- 1 toilet; 1 lavatory
Administrative Building and Infirmary 3 3 1 toilet; 1 lavatory; 1 shower; hot water
Sleeping Units      
Barracks A1-A4, B1-B4 3 each 18 each 2 toilets; 2 lavatories; 3 showers; hot water
Staff Cabin A5 8 (cubicle style) 8 total 2 toilets; 2 lavatories; 3 showers; hot water
Staff Cabin B5 4 15 2 toilets; 3 lavatories; 3 showers; hot water
Recreational Facilities:

Waterfront (beach, swim dock, boat dock, vault toilet)
Lighted, paved playcourts (volleyball and basketball)

Exterior of dining lodge under large shade trees paved path that leads to the cabins Kids on the swimming dock and swimming in the lake