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Order No. 11 - 155 Years Ago

8/23/2018 | Battle of Island Mound State Historic Site | Butler, MO

Peggy Buhr, director of the Bates County Museum will give this presentation at the historic site. One hundred fifty five years ago, Gen. Thomas Ewing issued the most infamous military order of the Civil War in western Missouri.  General Order No. 11 commanded the forced removal of people throughout four counties, with Bates County being the only one that was totally vacated. The order was highly controversial and there was immediate reaction to the cruelty visited upon the citizens of the region that became known as The Burnt District. Learn more about the struggles and the people who found themselves suddenly forced from their homes.

Program time: 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.


4837 NW County Road 1002, Butler, MO | 417-276-4259

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