Eclipse: Journey with the Sun Across the Gans Creek Wild Area

8/21/2017 | Rock Bridge Memorial State Park | Columbia, MO

4 miles of hiking + 1 wild area + 1 total eclipse = 6 hours of immersion in nature

This adventure will take you away from civilization and into the wilderness to see the views from 100-foot high bluffs, to wade in the cool water of Gans Creek and be surrounded by nature and an open view of the sky when the eclipse turns day into night. For about 30 minutes during the eclipse, hang out at a bluff top in the wild area with your friends or family. Learn about how the amount of sunlight and moisture plants get at different locations on the landscape affect which species grows where and in turn affects wildlife. Enjoy the shade of trees during most of the hike.

We will journey with the sun, walking primarily from east to west on-trail before returning. However, for about 1 mile, we will walk the stream bed of Gans Creek (usually 80% rocks, 20% shallow water) unless recent rainfall raises the water level in which case we will adjust by staying on-trail. Bring food and drinks for a picnic lunch. 

Reservations are required – call 573-449-7400. This event is free but space is limited. The age requirement is at least 11 years old. No dogs please. Driving and parking directions will be provided.

Event times: 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

To learn more about the eclipse, click here. For a complete list of events in Missouri State Parks related to the eclipse, click here.

5901 S. Highway 163, Columbia, MO | 573-449-7402

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