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Spider Web Wonders

10/13/2023 | Prairie State Park | Mindenmines, MO

Have you ever seen what appears to be a diamond-studded web, glistening with dew in morning sun, and wondered where it came from? Who made it and how? Come learn about the fascinating world of spiders and the wonder of their webs. This class will be held Friday, Oct. 13, from 10 a.m. to noon and is designed for children ages 5 and up. Class size is limited to 35. Registration is required and must be completed by Oct. 6. To register, call 417-843-6711.

Due to the unique and rare diversity of life preserved at Prairie State Park, pets are not allowed on park trails, EXCEPT for Path of the Earth People and Path of the Sky People. Bison graze freely in the park, and this regulation protects both you and your pet. You are welcome to bring your pet to the park’s campground and picnic area, but you must follow Missouri State Parks' pet rules. This applies to all types of pets except service animals assisting people with disabilities.

Class Time: 10 a.m. - noon

Prairie State Park is located at:

128 NW 150th Lane, Mindenmines, MO | 417-843-6711

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