Park Trails

at Onondaga Cave State Park

Blue Heron Trail

  • Bicycling/Mountain Biking
  • Hiking

Length: .50 Mile View map

Trail Rating: Moderate

Blue Heron Trail is a wide, level, graveled trail that leads from the park visitor center along the north edge of the Spring Lake to the park campground. Along the trail, hikers will pass over a “waterfall,” which is really an old mill raceway that was powered by water from Onondaga Spring. A dam and millrace constructed in 1886 detains the water before it spills into the Spring Lake. Possible wildlife sightings include beaver, river otter, muskrat and perhaps the trail’s namesake, great blue heron.

You may experience:

  • Natural surface, dirt, mud, gravel, shifting rocks, slippery surface, etc.
  • Rocks, roots and/or downed vegetation on trail        
  • Bridges and/or structural crossings
  • Occasional water over trail
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Missouri State Parks Trail Rules and Etiquette
Length Estimated Hiking Time Type Blazes Trailhead
.50 Mile 25 minutes, one way Linear Blue 1.) At the visitor center; 2.) At the spur left of the shelterhouse; 3.) At the road near the campground