Shut-Ins Access / River Levels

at Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park

The following flag system is designed to inform visitors of the water level that is flowing through the shut-ins and access to the area for swimming/wading activities. The water level is monitored by a river gauge. River flow is measured by cubic feet per second (cfs).

Red Flag (75 cfs and higher)
River Flow At High Hazard Level: Shut-ins access gates are closed.


Yellow Flag (26 - 74 cfs)
River Flow At Medium Hazard Level: Shut-ins access gates are open.


Green Flag (25 cfs and lower)
River Flow At Low Hazard: Shut-ins access gates are open.


Shut-Ins Conditions Information

  • Flags and signage are located at the Black River Center, campground entrance and the shut-ins parking lot.  
  • River levels can be found online at:
  • Absence of flags does not assure safe waters. Always exercise caution when swimming or wading.
  • Personal flotation devices are recommended for swimming/wading.