Kayak and Canoe Rental

at Finger Lakes State Park

numerous people in kayaks on the lakeRent a kayak, paddle board or a canoe at the park to enjoy the lakes and the new water trail.



  • $10  for two-hour minimum
  • $25 per day


  • $15 for two-hour minimum
  • $30 per day

Kayaks can be reserved in advance for all day rentals by clicking here. Under "Category of Activity," select
"Recreation Rental," then select Finger Lakes State Park and the date you want to reserve.

Paddle Boards:

  • $20 for two-hour minimum
  • $35 per day
Things to know:
  • You can rent watercraft at the park office after 8 a.m. from March 15 through Nov. 15.
  • The appropriate number of paddles and safety vests will be issued at the park office for those using the watercraft.
  • The lessee will be charged for lost or damaged rental equipment. Charges for this equipment will be valued at replacement cost of like items.
  • Swimming is allowed only at the swim beach and not from the watercraft. Anyone violating this policy will be removed from the park.
  • Watercrafts must remain in the main lake. Transporting crafts to any other lake is not permitted.
  • Parking and watercrafts are located at the beach parking lot area.