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2009 Katy Trail Ride Trivia Questions

at Katy Trail State Park

Day 1 - June 22, 2009 - Clinton to Pilot Grove

1) Which of the Katy Trail towns that you were in today was known as “The Baby Chick Capital of the World” because of the chicken hatchery industry that was established there as a result of the railroad access.
Clinton (History of Clinton panel on the info depot at Clinton trailhead.)

2)  Which of the Katy Trail towns that you were in today was know as “Jugtown: the Queen of Pottery” as a result of the eight pottery businesses that operated in this town up to the year 1910?
Calhoun (History of Calhoun panel on the info depot at the Calhoun trailhead.)

3)  Which of the Katy Trail towns that you were in today was originally named Belmont when first platted on Sept. 15, 1855? The community eventually adopted the town’s present name, honoring the 900-year-old castle and residence of the English monarchy.
Windsor (History of Windsor panel on the info depot at the Windsor trailhead.)

4)  What is the elevation of the highest point on the Katy Trail?
955 feet (panel at site)

5)  What is another name for Shaver Creek that is crossed at mile marker 218.6 on the 1910 Pony Truss Bridge?
Shave Tail (Sedalia to Clifton City/Clifton City to Sedalia panels or on west end of the bridge at M.P. 218.6.)

Day 2 - June 23, 2009 - Pilot Grove to Jefferson City

1)  What is the name, from local legend, given to the final descent into Boonville starting at about M.P. 195.3?
Lard Hill (Pilot Grove to Boonville/Boonville to Pilot Grove panels.)

2)   Who was the architect for the Boonville Depot?
An MKT architect only known by his initials HJB. (Info panel at depot)

3)  In what city did the Santa Fe Trail begin?
Franklin (Santa Fe Trail panel New Franklin info depot)

4)  What was the population of Rocheport in 1900?
593 (Rocheport panel Rocheport info depot)

5)  What is the most widespread butterfly in the world?
Painted Lady  (Butterfly panel McBaine)

Day 3 - June 24, 2009 - Jefferson City to Hermann

1)  Is it the male indigo bunting or the male eastern bluebird that has rusty chest and white belly?
Eastern Bluebird (Jefferson City to Tebbetts/Tebbetts to Jefferson City panel)

2)  Following the flood of 1993, most of which trail community was relocated to the hill above?
Rhineland (Portland to McKittrick/McKittrick to Portland panel)

3)  Shortly after leaving camp on the morning of May 30, 1804, the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed which well-known river landmark?
Montbrun (or Monbrun) Tavern  (Lewis and Clark panel at mm 113.6)

4)  Going south on Highway 19, you’ll cross two rivers before arriving in Hermann. Name them. Hint: One of them you’ll cross at mm 101 on the Katy.
Loutre and Missouri  (Trail and/or highway signs.)

Day 4 - June 25, 2009 - Hermann to Augusta

1)  While in present day Missouri, what was the average number of miles that the Corps of Discovery “cruised” per day?
11.78 miles  (Lewis and Clark panel mm 92.6)

2)  Where did legendary Daniel Boone die?
Son Nathan Boone’s home near Defiance (Dutzow panel)

3)  What historic buildings are at the former rail stop of Nona?
Tin grain elevator and old storefront (personal observation at mm 69.6)

4)  What Missouri product won eight gold medals at the 1893 Vienna World’s Fair?
Wine (Augusta panel)

Day 5 - June 26, 2009 - Augusta to St. Charles

1)  How did Daniel Boone acquire the land that he lived on near Femme Osage Creek?
Spanish Land Grants (Weldon Spring to Matson panel and Daniel Boone’s Missouri Golden Years panel)

2)  Name two of the three towns that were dismantled to create the Weldon Spring Ordnance Works?
Howell, Hamburg and Toonerville (Weldon Spring Site panel)

3)  Name two of the highway bridges that riders pass under in the St. Charles area.
Highway 370, Interstate 70, Highway 364, Highway 40-61 (St. Charles to Greens Bottom panel and Greens Bottom to Weldon Spring panel)

4)  What did the legislature write to correct the Missouri state constitution?
The “Solemn Public Oath” (First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site panel)