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Saga of the Katy Ride 2001

at Katy Trail State Park

(Sung to the tune of "The Battle of New Orleans")
By Pat (Rider #2 from Wisconsin)

In 2001 we hopped upon a trail
A mighty pretty route, it used to be a rail
We took along some courage and a smiley attitude
Took along some water and a little bit of food

We pedaled our bikes and the trail kept a comin'
Twice as many aches as there was a day ago
We pedaled our bikes and the river kept a runnin'
Down the Katy Trail to St. Charles town we go

We set up Monday morning and the sun was shinin' bright
Feelin stiff and sore from a sorta restless night
Down to the trail head 300 bikers flew
It was sorta crowded but we finally pedaled through


We got up Wednesday morning and the rain was pourin' down
Lots of smiley faces were turnin' to a frown
But we dug deep down inside our souls and trudged through rain and goo
And before we even knew it the sun was shinin' new.


We got up Thursday mornin' and our butts were feelin' sore
The rain was still a pourin' we were soaked down to the core
But the new friends we were makin' kept our spirits goin' strong
And suddenly the ridin' day just didn't seem so long


We got up Friday mornin' with a sad spot in our hearts,
We knew that this would be the day that we would have to part
New friendships would be splittin' up by towns too far away
But the memories we made this week with us will always stay