The Elizabeth Rozier Gallery

at Missouri State Museum

The Elizabeth Rozier Gallery features rotating exhibits inside the Union Hotel, located at 101 Jefferson Street. For further information, please call 573-751-2854.

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2016 Exhibits

March 1 – April 23
CASTING THE PAST: Missouri History in Bronze
Missouri artist R. H. Dick has created a series of sculptures commemorating various historical Missourians and major events in the state’s history. These sculptures bring Missouri’s frontier history to its people.
May 3 – June 25
SOCIETY’S MEMORIES: Missouri Courthouses
Courthouses serve a variety of roles: as a building for justice and law, a meeting space, memorial and architectural achievement. All of these roles make it a proud centerpiece in a county. Photographer Jerry Benner has captured courthouses in all 114 counties and St. Louis. Discover the art, architecture and memory stored in Missouri’s courthouses.
June 25, Noon – 8 p.m.
Jefferson Landing State Historic Site
In 2016, Jefferson Landing State Historic Site turns 40. The site’s mid-19th century buildings evoke the early days of Jefferson City as a bustling riverboat landing and transfer point on the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Its exhibits and programs explore the state’s history, culture and arts. Join us on June 25 for a special celebration of the historic site’s past, present and future!
July 5 – Sept. 3
Mental illnesses are medical conditions that disrupt a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, daily functioning and ability to relate to others. Fulton State Hospital clients created artwork to raise awareness of mental illness. Join them on a journey through the art and discover new stories and points of view on life.
Sept. 12 – Dec. 3
LOOTING, HOARDING, COLLECTING: Repatriation and Museums
This collection explores the history of cultural property conflicts, the roles played in them by museums, and their lasting implications for the museum community and its constituencies. Societal acceptance of looting and hoarding and the collecting of looted objects by museums have changed dramatically over the past decades, compelling museums to look at their collections with more scrutiny. A traveling exhibition on loan from Northern Illinois University.