Autumn Bush Honeysuckle Hack for Habitat

11/2/2019 | Katy Trail State Park

Join park staff and volunteers on the Katy Trail at the Marthasville Trailhead to remove invasive bush honeysuckle. Bush honeysuckle degrades our neighborhoods, backyards, trails, woodlands, fields and stream banks into impenetrable thickets. Your help is needed as we work together to eliminate this invasive plant from Katy Trail habitat.


Work groups will be assigned hack areas from the Marthasville Trailhead. Please wear comfortable high-topped shoes, durable long-sleeved shirts and work clothes. Be sure to bring a water bottle. Hand tools, gloves and insect repellent will be provided at the trailhead. The event is being sponsored by Missouri State Parks and Magnificent Missouri/Katy Land Trust.


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Event Time: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Event Location: Marthasville Trailhead