Learning @11

6/4/2019 to 6/25/2019 | Missouri State Museum | Jefferson City, MO

From June 4 through Aug. 13, 2019, the Missouri State Museum is hosting a fun twist on summer programming. "Learning@11" is a series of interactive programs exploring various aspects of Missouri's cultural and natural history specifically focused on age groups 4 to 7 years using more activity-based programming. For similar-themed programming for older children, please see our regular "Tuesday@2" programs for age groups 8 to 12.

The broad theme for this summer's programs is "communication."  The series will explore how people and wildlife communicate--past and present. Click here to read the news release. 

June themes are:
  • June 4:  Babies in the mail?
    Did you know some parents once sent children in the mail?  What would that take and why?  Don't try this at home!
  • June 11:  Fremont Spotlights the American West
    Let's go exploring to the West with John C. Fremont and Kit Carson.  We'll learn how these men encouraged Americans to move west by telling their stories in the east.
  • June 18:  The Pony Express:  Bold, Brave, Brief
    Looking to learn about a real adventure? Pony Express riders moved mail 2,000 miles in 10 days during the mid-1800s. Come learn about the brave riders and their tireless ponies.
  • June 25:  How do insects communicate?
    Do you know that fireflies have a secret language? Have you learned the Waggle dance? Join us to learn how insects use the five senses (sight, smell, sound, taste and touch) to communicate.
Program time:11 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
Location: Jefferson Landing State Historic Site, 100 Jefferson Street
First Floor, State Capitol, 201 W. Capitol, Jefferson City, MO | (573) 751-2854

Associated activities

  • Interpretive Programs