After the Battle Exhibition

1/1/2019 to 2/28/2019 | Battle of Pilot Knob State Historic Site | Pilot Knob, MO

For the 2019 season, the historic site will be rotating six different themed displays of artifacts related to the site. Many of these are original artifacts that have never been on public display. Each themed display will be available for public viewing during regular business hours at the museum.

January and February will be themed "After the Battle."  After the events of September 27, 1864, the fort was reoccupied in October 1864 by Union Forces and held until the end of the war. In that time, there were no hostile actions at the fort. The soldiers manning the fort kept busy repairing and refitting wagons and other equipment being used in the war effort. They also did a unique type of blacksmithing, shoeing oxen.  Several artifacts pertaining to this and other activities the soldiers conducted will be on display and staff will be available to explain and interpret the artifacts. 

Upcoming displays will be:
March-April “Why this Valley?”  Natural resources and their influence on settlement of the valley.
May-June “Dropped and Found”   During the heat of battle all sorts of items were dropped and then later “found.”
July-August “Guess what it is”  We have several unique items pertaining to the battle and the history of the valley that will be on display. Visitors can take time to venture a guess as to what they are and what they were used for.
September-October  “Before the Fort”    Highlighting Native American life in the valley before European settlement.
November-December  “Remembering the past”   Highlighting the battle participant reunions and picnics, which kept the memory of the battle alive and also the latter activities developing the museum and the distinctive reenactments.

 This 2019 rotating exhibit event will include a reward for visitors who visit all six of the exhibits over the 2019 season. We will have an event passport, which can document attendance at the exhibits. The first five persons to turn in completed passports showing attendance to all six exhibits will receive a VIP pass to the September 2020 reenactment. The pass will include VIP seating and parking at the event as well as other incentives. All persons turning in a completed passport after the first five have been awarded will be placed in a random drawing for two additional VIP passes to be drawn in January 2020.  Click here to read the news release. 

Museum Hours: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
118 East Maple, Pilot Knob, MO | (573) 546-3454