Late Night Cathedral Cave Tours

5/31/2014 | Onondaga Cave State Park | Leasburg, MO

Join representatives from the Onondaga Friends Association for their unique, guided, late-night Cathedral Cave tours. These tours are fundraising events, which benefit the Onondaga Friends Association, which in turn, benefits Onondaga Cave State Park. On the way to the cave, you will hike up Deer Run Trail and be able to hear night sounds such as owls, coyotes, insects, etc. Reservations are recommended and can be made at or by calling the park. Conditions in the cave include concrete walkways and metal handrails, cool temperature (57 degrees F) and high humidity (nearing 100 percent). There is no lighting on the hiking trail or in the cave, so at least two flashlights are recommended. Please dress appropriately (warm clothes, no heals/flip flops). Cave tour fees apply.

Event times: 9:30 p.m. - Midnight

7556 Hwy. H, Leasburg, MO | (573) 245-6576

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