Katy Trail State Park

Katy Trail opens to Machens

By Tom Uhlenbrock

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Already the nation’s longest rails-to-trails conversion, the Katy Trail just got longer.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources, which operates the trail as a state park, has completed a 12-mile extension on the east end that takes the trail from St. Charles to Machens.

Gov. Jay  Nixon and First Lady Georganne Nixon used a giant pair of scissors to snip a red ribbon Saturday (April 2) and officially open the section, which marks the last of the old railroad bed to be converted to a recreational trail.

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The nation's longest rails-to-trails project just got longer

Eagles soar above state parks

Katy's 20!

MCKITTRICK ­– Picking a favorite section of the Katy Trail presents a pleasant problem.  With 225 miles of hiking and biking trail to choose from, where does someone start?

Here’s a vote for the 16.1 miles between McKittrick and Treloar, where much of the trail squeezes between the base of white limestone bluffs and the muddy Missouri River. In spring, Canada geese nesting on the rocky ledges crane their long necks to watch the riders below.

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Picking a favorite section of the Katy Trail presents a pleasant problem.

10 tips for riding the Katy

  1. Choose the right length. Twenty to 30 miles is a good day ride for a weekend cyclist. Forty to 50 is for regular riders. Anything over that is for hardcore bikers.
  2. The packed gravel of the Katy is fine for all bikes. A mountain bike is great, and the “hybrids” in which riders sit more upright on cushy seats are comfortable.
  3. A helmet is recommended whenever riding a bicycle. However, it is not required on the Katy.

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10 things to know about riding the Katy Trail
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