ATV Riding

Man riding dirt bike on motocross track at Finger Lakes State ParkOff-road enthusiasts have two state parks to explore Missouri’s outdoors from a different angle. St. Joe State Park, located in a former lead mining area, and Finger Lakes State Park, located in a former coal strip mining area, provide hours of fun with almost 3,000 acres available for riding.

At St. Joe State Park, trails wind through the wooded portions of the park as well as through acres of sand flats, an area created by the sandlike residue or tailings from the lead mining process. The park offers one of the most popular ORV areas in the Midwest, and an ORV campground near the riding area. A trail from the campground to the ORV area provides access to unlicensed ORVs that are not permitted on park roads.

At Finger Lakes State Park, the rugged terrain, with its steep hills and deep ravines, challenges the skills of even the most experienced riders. A special motocross track, designed by professional riders, is the site of numerous motocross and motorcycle races and events each year.   

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