Cabins for Canines - FAQ

1. Why are only certain lodging units designated as Cabins for Canines?

Missouri State Parks has implemented this pilot program in an effort to accommodate visitors who prefer to bring their dogs with them when vacationing. The program may include units such as Outpost cabins, camper cabins, yurts, single-unit cabins, fourplexes and duplexes as available. Approximately 30% of the state park system's total lodging units will be available for this program. This percentage will accommodate dog owners as well as those who do not travel with pets. The lodging units have been identified by park staff and concessionaires based on various criteria, including location and type of unit.

2. When did this program begin?

Implementation of this program for state-operated lodging facilities began Jan. 1, 2012. Implementation of the program in concession-operated lodging facilities was phased in during 2012 based on availability and will be fully implemented in 2013.

3. Why only dogs and not cats?

This began as a pilot program. Including our feline friends will be considered in the future.

4. I have three small/medium size dog(s) – why can't I bring all three?

Due to the size of the lodging units and the maximum occupancy limits, it was determined that the lodging units could accommodate two canines.

5. Why is there a fee per-night, per-dog?

Cabins for Canines lodging units will require additional upkeep and cleaning and this fee will assist in the offset of labor and supplies. The fees being charged are very nominal considering boarding fees for canines.

6. Why do the per-dog, per-night fees vary?

Within the state park system, there are various types of lodging units, ranging from yurts to full-service cabins with carpets, linens and upholstered furniture. The cost to clean and maintain these units is higher. The fee is based on the type of unit chosen.

7. Why must I use a crate/kennel for my dog(s)?

The dog(s) should not be left unattended in a lodging unit, in order to prevent damage to the unit. Visitors traveling with their canines are encouraged to bring and use their own crate/kennel or they can use the crates/kennels provided for each unit free of charge.

8. Are the Cabins for Canines units held exclusively for people with pets or can anyone rent them?

Certain units are designated as being available for people with pets but they are not held exclusively for pet owners. They are available to rent like all other lodging units and can be rented by anyone.

9. I have allergies. Will I have to stay in a Cabins for Canines unit?

Missouri State Parks is sensitive to people with allergies and are maintaining approximately 70% of lodging units canine-free. When making a reservation, you can ask for a canine-free cabin. If you decide to stay in the Cabins for Canines unit, we are not responsible for any allergy or illness that you or your guests incur.

10. Is there a charge for service animals (canines) when they are occupying a Cabins for Canines-designated unit?

There is never an extra charge for service animals, regardless of whether they are in a Cabins for Canines unit or a regular lodging unit. Service dogs and their owners/families are always welcome in Missouri State Parks lodging units.