Conceptual Development Plan Preamble

The purpose of the Preamble is to provide the guiding principals for the Conceptual Development Plan. The Preamble will consist of the Significance and History and the Mission Statement of a particular park or site.

The History and Significance section should describe the nature and significance of the resources at the park or site. It should also outline the basic history of the park or site, when it was acquired, why it was acquired, past uses of the site and should include a general description of existing uses. The Significance and History sets the stage or foundation for the Mission Statement.

The purpose of the Mission Statement is to establish the role or direction for a park or site and should be dictated by the significant resources of the park or site. In general terms, the Mission Statement outlines how the park or site is to function in the future and will address the three elements of the Missouri State Park System Mission (natural, cultural and recreation) and the emphasis placed on each. The Mission Statement guides the physical development, resource use and management of a park or site.