Haunted Hike

10/12/2019 | Elephant Rocks State Park | Belleview, MO

Please note that the start and end times for this event have changed (see below).


Join Elephant Rocks State Park staff for a fall evening of scary stories and Halloween fun at this haunted hike in the park. Park staff will take visitors on a special guided hike to three different story stations along the main blacktop trail. Each station will have a storyteller who will give guests a fun scare with a story about imagined ghosts, haunts and other disconcerting happenings. The trail is 1 mile long and fully accessible. Persons with mobility issues should be able to participate.


This is a family-friendly event, and everyone is invited to dress up and get in some early trick-or-treating. Kids who wear a costume can enter into contests for cutest costume and scariest costume. We will take pictures of each entry and then at the end of the night award a prize for the winner in each category. There will be two age groups to enter: infant to 11 and 12 to 16.


Flashlights are not required but will come in handy while walking from station to station. For more information about this event, call the park at 573-546-3454.


Updates and Additional Information (Added Sept. 26)


Due to the overwhelming interest in this event, we have made some adjustments to our plan for the evening. We hope these adjustments will allow as many people as possible to attend and enjoy the event.


1. Parking and Transportation - We will be providing shuttle services from the Arcadia Valley High School parking lot. THERE WILL BE NO PARKING AT THE PARK. We just don’t have room for everyone, so please park at the high school and we will have the shuttles pick you up and drop you off. The school is located at 520 W. Park Drive in Ironton.


2. Event Time - To better accommodate the target audience of this event, the times have been adjusted. The event will now open at 5 p.m. and close at 10 p.m.


3. Target Audience - People have inquired about the format of the event. The event is designed for families with younger kids who want to participate in early trick-or-treating. Anyone expecting to be frightened will be disappointed. There will be decorations and “spooky stories” but nothing that would be considered frightening to anyone over the age of 10.


4. Costume Contests - There will be costume contests for two age groups: infant to 11 and 12 to 16. The categories will be scariest and cutest for each age group. If you have a youngster entering the contest, check in with park staff at the contest tent before going on your hike. We will get your contact information and take a picture, which will be judged at the end of the night. Winners will be notified the next day by email or phone.


5. Hike - The hike itself will be about a mile on the paved blacktop path through the woods. All activities will be on the designated trail only. Each group will be escorted by a trail guide who will also narrate some of the stories for the evening. You are encouraged to bring a flashlight.

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Event Time: 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.
7406 Hwy. 21, Belleview, MO | (573) 546-3454

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