Nature Photography by Kyran Leeker

9/1/2019 to 9/30/2019 | Cuivre River State Park | Troy, MO

Cuivre River State Park will host a photography exhibit during the month of September featuring the work of local photographer and wildlife enthusiast Kyran Leeker. The photographs will be on display in the visitor center's new interpretive classroom.


Kyran Leeker is a self-taught amateur naturalist who researches and photographs wildlife as a hobby. She has a particular passion for reptiles and amphibians but also studies and photographs birds, mammals, fish, insects and arachnids. Over the course of four years, she has photographed approximately 1,000 species in Missouri.


She has a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology, but she is currently engrossed in studying wildlife and strives to educate others on native biodiversity. She is adamant about dispelling stigmas associated with commonly-feared species, such as snakes and spiders. Kyran hopes that visitors to the exhibit will be enticed by the photographs and gain an appreciation for the role that each species plays in our ecosystem.

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