Geology Tour of Onondaga Cave

8/17/2019 | Onondaga Cave State Park | Leasburg, MO

Embark on a longer, three-hour journey through Onondaga Cave, and hear it described as seen through the eyes of a geologist. Anticipate big words, deep concepts and stimulating intelligent conversation, interspersed with cheesy humor and a relaxed but humid atmosphere. By the end, your tour guide, notorious for quipping ridiculous quips, may indeed have quipped a ridiculous quip. Be mystified at mysteries - mysteries that current scientific observations cannot solve. Group discussion is encouraged, as is questioning your tour guide, for that is the way of science!

This tour is aimed at an older audience, due to the nature of discussions and length of the tour. However, any toddlers who have more than a passing interest in karst geochemistry are more than welcome to join in the edutainment!

The admission fee is $30. This tour costs twice as much as adult admission for regular Onondaga Cave tours because it is roughly twice as long. Payments can be made at this website or by paying in person with cash or check. All proceeds will go to the Onondaga Friends Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that assists Onondaga Cave State Park.

Onondaga Cave is not fully accessible, but wheelchairs are allowed in the cave provided they can fit between the railings and there are two people accompanying the person in the wheelchair. There are steep and slippery concrete paths, and all slopes are up or down concrete ramps. No stairs will be used. Given the length of the tour, we will be moving slowly. The temperature inside the cave is about 57 degrees F, so visitors should dress warmly.

Tour time: 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Admission Fee: $30
7556 Hwy. H, Leasburg, MO | (573) 245-6576

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