Second Annual Geminids Meteor Shower Viewing Event

12/13/2019 | Elephant Rocks State Park | Belleview, MO

Come out to see Mother Nature’s Christmas light display! If you like star gazing, light shows and are able to brave the cold, this is your event! To mark this year’s most spectacular meteor shower, the park will be open to the public for a rare after dark event. Park staff will be available to direct you to the best and safest areas to view the shower. Please remember, it is December, so dress for very cold winter conditions. It is often colder on the rocks than the average local temperature, so even if it is a mild night, you can become chilled sitting for long periods in the park. 

Please remember this is a carry in carry out park and bring in only what you will be able to carry out when you leave. Trash receptacles are provided in the parking lot. Be respectful of other visitors’ experience and avoid excessive use of artificial lights and excessive noise during the event. No tents or other invasive camping equipment, such as propane heaters, lanterns, etc., will be allowed; but you can bring portable chairs and blankets to keep warm. Absolutely no campfires will be allowed.

Come out and create a lifetime memory at Elephant Rocks State Park. 

The rain date will be Saturday Dec. 14 2019.

More about Geminids Meteor Shower:

  • This meteor shower was first reported in 1833 by a Mississippi River boat captain
  • Geminids meteor shower happens every year in December.
  • It is dust from an asteroid; not a comet. The asteroid is named 3200 Phaethon.
  • The asteroid orbits the sun every 1.4 years and leaves a trail of dust that the earth passes through every December.
  • The shower gets brighter every year as Jupiter’s gravity pulls the dust closer to Earth.
  • This year, the peak view date is the night of Friday, Dec. 13 2019.
  • The moon will set around midnight on the 13th so the peak time to view is 1 a.m. to 3 a.m., but can be seen as early as 9 p.m. locally.
  • The best viewing is high in the southern sky near the constellation Gemini.
  • This shower can be viewed with the naked eye and no telescopes or binoculars are needed, but you can bring yours if you want.

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Event times: 5 p.m. - 6 a.m.
7406 Hwy. 21, Belleview, MO | (573) 546-3454