Water, Water Everywhere Photo Walk

7/13/2019 | Bennett Spring State Park | Lebanon, MO

Bennett Spring State Park has one million gallons of water that comes from Bennett Spring. Rushing, flowing and still water will be the focus on this photo walk. In this program, learn to tell the story of water at each speed while striving to capture the best reflections from above and/or the beauties below.  Using a camera, program participants will learn to take a look at water or things around water with specific photography techniques. This program will begin at the nature center then move outdoors.  Cell phone and tablet cameras are welcome. Professional photographer Al Griffin will lead this two-hour class.  He is also a member of the Missouri Master Naturalist program.

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Event time: 10 a.m. - Noon
26250 Hwy 64A, Lebanon, MO | (417) 532-4338