Wow! Wildlife Photography Program

5/18/2019 | Bennett Spring State Park | Lebanon, MO

What great photos of birds and wildlife we could take if only they'd pose for us. We could adopt the practices of wildlife photographers, buy camouflaged suits or tarps and wait in the wild for the right bird or animal to pass by. Or, we could simply learn how to make the best use of those accidental encounters. This program will begin at Shelter A near Bennett Spring. Cameras, cell phones and tablets are welcome. Plan for a photo walk to engage with nature.

Professional photographer Al Griffin will lead this two-hour class and combine hiking with photography. Bring a camera, even a cell phone or tablet camera for this program. We plan to mark the hiking trail with photos so that on your next outing, you will be able to see how the area changes throughout the seasons. The ability to find the same flowers, trees and grasses commemorating their growth with new photos can be exciting. You can share the first set of photos with children and then have them lead the way for a family hike. This activity is also good for those that would like to do forest research.  Noticing changes in the environment helps us to be better stewards of the land. Click here to read the news release. 

Program time: 10 a.m. - Noon

This event is one of many events Missouri State Parks is hosting in celebration of the National Park Trust's Kids to Parks Day! Click here for a complete list of events in Missouri state parks and historic sites throughout the state.

26250 Hwy 64A, Lebanon, MO | (417) 532-4338