Nature Photography is Easy!

6/30/2018 | Thousand Hills State Park | Kirksville, MO

Do you have a love of nature? Have you ever wanted to capture that perfect sunrise, or that beautiful flower, only to be confounded by the buttons and knobs on your camera, or how to line up a shot? Beginning and amateur photographers, please bring your camera (yes, even a camera phone), along with its manual, to the enclosed shelter for tips and tricks on how to turn a snapshot into a masterpiece. Once you've learned a few tricks, the course will move outside, weather permitting, so you can put your newly-gained knowledge to the test! This program is free, but, spaces are limited. Please contact the park to RSVP!

Event time: 3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
20431 State Hwy. 157, Kirksville, MO | (660) 665-6995