Memorial Weekend Photo Scavenger Hunt

5/26/2018 | Graham Cave State Park | Danville, MO

There are so many unique and beautiful “finds” hiding along the trails, just waiting to be discovered. Our scavenger hunt list will get you started searching for these little gems in nature. This is a photo scavenger hunt, so please, take only photos of your “finds” and leave only footprints. Graham Cave offers roughly 4.5 miles of trails to search and discover nature. This is a "go at your own pace" family-friendly event. Stop in at the park office to pick up your photo scavenger hunt list and map of the park. Participants are encouraged to dress in layers, wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes, and bring a bottle of water. Insect repellent is also highly recommended. Click here to read the news release.  

Event times: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
217 Highway TT, Danville, MO | (573) 564-3476