Hike to Hidden Treasures of Rock Bridge - Red Rocks and Sinkhole Trail

4/1/2017 | Rock Bridge Memorial State Park | Columbia, MO

Help celebrate the park's 50th anniversary by participating on one or all of these hikes held the first Saturday of each month. Visit different parts of the park and learn about the park’s founding, history and nature. Also, help care for the park through a short service project.

Red Rocks Hike: This 1.5-mile hike, in the Springbrook Trail area mostly off-trail through woodlands, will take you to see the “red rocks,” which are sandstone boulders left by glaciers. Former park superintendent Scott Schulte will lead the hike and talk about what people have done to affect park resources both in positive and negative ways in years since 1975.

Sinkhole History Hike: Park volunteer Steve Ferguson will share his knowledge of Rockbridge Mills history (1825-1907) and point out features such as the wagon wheel ruts in solid rock while taking the Sinkhole Trail (all on-trail, 1.5 miles).

These hikes are free. Reservations are required because space is limited. When you call (573-449-7400), you will be given driving directions. These hikes are recommended for ages 8 years and up. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Prefer no dogs.    

Hike time: 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

5901 South Highway 163, Columbia, MO | (573) 449-7402

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