Hands On History Adventure Summer Day Camp

6/12/2017 to 6/16/2017 | First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site | St. Charles, MO

Sign up your young historian for the Hands On History Summer Adventure Day Camp. This week long camp is an opportunity for your burgeoning historian to learn about Missouri history and 1800s skills and crafts using an interactive, hands-on approach. The camp is for grade levels three through six and cost $100 plus a $20 registration fee. Click here to read the news release.

Each day will be filled with fun games, activities and crafts all revolving around this year’s theme of exploring the skills and abilities pioneers and native Americans needed to survive and be self-sufficient in the 1800s on the Missouri frontier.  An exciting new learning experience awaits our campers with a different learning theme each day. Come with us as we explore "Frontier Skills Day," "Native American Day," Keep the Home Fires Burning Day," "It's Woman's Work and a Man's World" and Old Fashion Fun."  Sound like fun? Sign up your adventurous history lover today!

"Frontier Skills Day"
As western expansion came through St. Charles, so did the ability to survive the frontier.  Campers will learn skills that made these hearty Americans thrive.  Whittling, rope-making, shelter building and dipping candles are some of the trades that will be explored.  Some animal guests will need tending as well. 

"Native American Day"
The Osage, Fox and Sauk were residents here long before white contact.  Campers will explore Native American cultures with a hands-on focus.  What did early residents do with the cattails that grew everywhere?  What weapons did they use to hunt? Find out how they used every part of what they grew, hunted and cultivated.

"Keep the Home Fires Burning" 
Dinner was an all-day event that required a lot of planning, time and ingenuity. Frontier families would use every part of plants, animals and other resources. What was in season? What was available? Campers will follow the process from planting seeds to cooking noon dinner like they did in the old days. 

"It's Woman's Work and a Man's World"
What gender you were in the “old days” often dictated what type of chores you would do and what would be your responsibilities. Or did it? Campers will experience, hands-on, some of the daily tasks that made a household run smoothly and decide for themselves. Spinning, sawing, shaving wood or shearing? Who did it and was it fun?

“Old Fashion Fun Day”
Before the industrial age started mass marketing toys, many toys and games were homemade. Campers will explore past times including square dancing, making their own toys, cutting silhouettes and playing games. The day will end with an ice cream social. 

We will also present camper awards. Don’t miss all the fun! Come unplugged!

Camp times: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


200 South Main Street, St. Charles, MO | (636) 940-3322

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