Geological Eras Tour

9/24/2023 | Mastodon State Historic Site | Imperial, MO

Join us on our own (Geological!) Eras Tour on Wildflower Trail. We will travel back in time and explore the geological eras. During this half-mile walk, we'll cover 550 million years of planetary and evolutionary history. This to-scale hike will inform visitors about the chronological relationship between major geological events, mass extinctions and the evolution of various species.

This program will take place along Wildflower Trail, a looped trail with stairs and uneven ground. Participants should meet at the museum entrance.

This is a FREE interpretive program for all ages. Space is limited, and registration is required. To register, click here and search for activities at Mastodon State Historic Site, or call the site office at 636-464-2976. 

Event Time: 2 p.m.

Click here to see the event flyer.

Mastodon State Historic Site is located at:

1050 Charles J. Becker Drive, Imperial, MO | 636-464-2976

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