Tips from the Experts

May 7

What smells so good?

Just to whet your appetite for summer, food and summer food, here's a little Dutch oven demonstration. It's got some great tips in there.

Dec 1

State Parks in winter

The leaves are down, the skies occasionally gray. But it's some of the best hiking time in Missouri State Parks. and some of the best time just to, well, be. 

The ticks are gone. The bugs are gone. And with the leaves off the trees, there are some breathtaking overlooks.

Aug 1

Getting ready to grill this weekend

It's summertime. And whether you're grilling in one of our campgrounds or at one of our shelters, you deserve a good meal. Here's a recipe that one of our social media folks uses.

It takes about 10 minutes to prep, but three days to marinate. And for you folks out there who are interested in food history, this is similar to chicken speidie, a marinated chicken found in a few counties of upstate New York. Don't worry though; it grills up just fine in the Show Me State. 

Jul 13

Where to fish in north-central?

Karen Hoffman asked where the best places to fish in north-central Missouri's state parks were. Here's what Dan Files, one of our northern district supervisors, had to say:

Jul 12

Where's a great, not-so-challenging place to hike if I live in Rolla?

Last week, Carrie Bellue asked us this on our Facebook page:
I'm in south central missouri near rolla, and new to the state. I love nature but don't know where to start exploring. I'm in my 50s so I'm NOT looking for a backpack trip or anything too strenuous. Give me a day trip assignment...where's a good