Long Branch State Park

Prairie fire

by Tom Uhlenbrock
Missouri State Parks

The roadsides hinted at what the rolling landscape of northern Missouri looked like in autumn when the first pioneer wagons arrived in the early 1800s.

Goldenrod and yellow sunflowers, with an occasional touch of purple courtesy of the blazing stars and Joe Pye weed, provided patches of color amid the grasses. Beyond were fields of corn, soybeans and sorghum stretching into the horizon.

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Fall explodes at our northern parks

Spring Magic: Wildflowers in Missouri State Parks

 By Tom Uhlenbrock

Missouri State Parks

 A little magic is happening in Missouri’s woods. The show will go on through much of April.

After a seemingly endless winter, the sun shining through the leafless trees is warming the forest floor, causing spring wildflowers to awaken. Like little jewels, they poke through the leaf litter and dot the drab landscape with bouquets of white, yellow, pink and blue.

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Mid-April is the beginning of Missouri's peak wildflower season. Come and see what Missouri's state parks have to offer.

Eagles soar above state parks

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