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Commemorating Missouri’s Bicentennial

at Missouri State Parks

Join Missouri State Parks in commemorating the bicentennial of Missouri’s entry into the United States of America as the 24th state. Take time in 2021 to reflect on the past, present and future of Missouri. The road to statehood was controversial, long and complex. Missouri’s admission changed the nation on many different fronts. We look forward to telling stories of the state’s history and culture through acts of service, stewardship and interpretation during the bicentennial year, with planning currently underway. 

Missouri State Parks provides many ways to commemorate what is historic and unique to the state of Missouri, from virtual interpretation to recreational opportunities such as camping and hiking. You can even visit the time and place of Missouri’s statehood at First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site

You can view a list of upcoming bicentennial-related activities, virtual events and educational opportunities below. If you have questions, reach out to your local state park or historic site by phone, or email for more information.   

We look forward to seeing you this year. You are always welcome at Missouri State Parks.

Bicentennial Events:

There are no upcoming bicentennial events.