Cathedral Cave Off-Trail Cave Trips

5/13/2017 to 10/7/2017 | Onondaga Cave State Park | Leasburg, MO

Dates for these trips:
  • May 13
  • June 10
  • July 8
  • July 29
  • Aug. 12
  • Aug. 19
  • Sept. 16
  • Sept. 30
  • Oct. 7

These events are a limited opportunity to explore the far reaches of Cathedral Cave. Join an experienced naturalist as he guides you off trail on a wild adventure of Cathedral Cave’s lower passage leading to its natural entrance; situated just above the Meramec River. You will discover that there is more than meets the eye when you traverse over 4,400 feet of additional passage not normally seen on a regular lantern tour of the cave.

This tour is limited to the 15 participants. The tour will last about 5 hours and the fee for this tour is $35 per person. Payment can be made online at All proceeds benefit the Onondaga Friends Association, a non-profit organization enhancing interpretive services at the park. Contact Michael Miller at 573-245-6576 or for a registration form to make your reservation, receive more information about the equipment requirements and get general information about the tour itself.

Trip time: 10:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

7556 Hwy. H, Leasburg, MO | (573) 245-6576

Associated activities

  • Cave Tours