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Guide to Campsites

Campsite PostIf the color bar on the campsite post is:

Green -- basic site
Yellow --  electric site
Blue -- electric/water site
Red --  sewer/electric/water site

If this symbol is on the post, the site is reservable. If this symbol is not on the post, the site is first-come, first-served only.

If a vacant card is in this space on the post, the site is reservable, but available for first-come, first-served users on a day-by-day basis or longer depending on the availability of nights.



Types of Campsites

Visit the Campground List page to find out which state parks and historic sites offer each type of campsite.

Basic Campsite

Parking pad, table, grill and lantern post

30-amp Electric Campsite

Parking pad, table, grill, lantern post and 30-amp electric power supply

50-amp electric campsite*

Parking pad, table, grill, lantern post, and 30-amp and 50-amp electric power supply.

Electric/Water Campsite*

Parking pad, table, grill, lantern post, electric power supply and private water hookup (These campsites are unique to certain parks.) Water is only available during the park's on-season.

Sewer/Electric/Water Campsite*

Parking pad, table, grill, lantern post, electric power supply, private water supply and a sewer connection. Water is only available during the park's on-season.

Equestrian Campsite

Associated with an equestrian trail system; may be basic, electric or electric/water. Sites include hitching post. At Cuivre River State Park, use is limited to campers with horses. At all other parks with equestrian campsites – Sam A. Baker, Johnson’s Shut-Ins and St. Joe – campers without horses may occupy equestrian sites.

Family Campsite

A campsite that comprises two camping pads as well as two tables, grills and lantern posts. Utilities, if available, also have two hookups. Family sites may be basic, electric, electric/water or sewer/electric/water.

Walk-In Campsites

A basic campsite located within walking distance of the parking area (50-500 feet), which includes, at a minimum, a fire ring, picnic table and lantern post. Walk-in campsites are available at Cuivre RiverEcho Bluff, Hawn, Johnson’s Shut-Ins, Long BranchStockton, Taum Sauk Mountain, Wakonda and Wallace state parks.

Platform Tent Sites

Platform tent sites are basic campsites with a spacious deck and a large canvas tent that will accommodate four to six people. The canvas tent is only available during the on-season. Platform tent sites are available at CrowderCuivre RiverTable Rock and Washington state parks.

*50-Amp Electric

More than 1,200 campsites offer 50-amp electrical service. This 50-amp service is available at electric, electric/water and sewer/electric/water sites and is ideal for today's modern recreational vehicle.

Special Camping Areas

Equestrian Campgrounds

Separate campgrounds for equestrian use can be found at Sam A. Baker, Cuivre River, Johnson's Shut-Ins and St. Joe state parks. Regular camping fees apply.

Special-Use Camping Areas

Many state parks have special-use areas that are designated for group camping, with nonprofit organizations and youth groups having priority. These areas may be reserved by calling the individual parks. Visit the Campground List page to find out which state parks and historic sites offer these areas.

Organized Group Camps

There are 12 organized group camps in seven Missouri state parks: Crowder, Cuivre River, Knob Noster, Lake of the Ozarks, Roaring River, Mark Twain and Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial. At Babler State Park, the Jacob L. Babler Outdoor Education Center has facilities especially designed for campers with disabilities. Organizations must make reservations in advance directly with the park. Visit the Organized Group Camps page for additional information.

Comfort Camping

Create a camping experience without having to bring your own tent. Camper cabins at Johnson's Shut-InsMark Twain, Stockton and Lake Wappapello state parks; yurts at Pomme de Terrre State Park; and a yurt and Outpost cabins at Lake of the Ozarks State Park offer the feel of an outdoor camping experience with some of the comforts of home. All units are smoke-free, and some allow pets.

Group Tent Areas

If you have a large group (15-50 people) that wants to camp together in a campground, group tent areas are available at Meramec State Park. The three group tent areas differ in size but offer similar amenities: 15-car parking lot, two grills and eight picnic tables.

Backpack Campsites

Many parks with backpacking trails offer primitive camping in designated areas along the trails. These remote areas are not accessible by vehicle. Backpackers must register or check in with park staff. Visit the Backpacking page to find out which state parks have backpacking trails.

Hawn State Park now has reservable backpack campsites in its backcountry camping area. This park also has a backpack group campsite that can accommodate up to 16 campers.